This post describes how to install and setup the Functionize CLI (i.e., fze) and work through some sample usages.


  1. Download the Functionize CLI from here
  2. Start the installer
cd CLI
  1. You will be prompted to get the Client ID and Client Secret from
  1. Follow the instructions of the installer

Sample Usage

View Help Pages

fze -ha

Generate a Token

This is required prior to running any fze command. The token file is created/refreshed at ~/.functionizeToken.

fze token generate

List Projects

fze project list

Lists Steps of a Test

fze test list -e "Live" -p "41173"

Execute a Test

The browser ID "74" corresponds to Mozilla Firefox.

fze test run -b 74 -i "1121014"

View Test Result Summary

fze test testresultlist -i "1121014"

View Test Result Details

The resultid input parameter (from the runid from the screenshot above). I am not sure why Functionize did not name both those parameters identically.

fze test testresultdetail --resultid "38917344"