In rare cases, the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Agent may fail during the installation, and the cause of the installation failure can be found in any of the .err, .log, or .out files.

In one particular instance, the installation of an OEM Agent 13.2 failed, but there was no indication in any of the logs as to why it was not successful.

Try looking in the em_prereqs_results.xml log.

This file displays the results of the prerequisite checks, and the attribute <RESULT VALUE> can pinpoint on whether the check is "Passed" or "Failed".

An example of where this file is located:


An example of a successful prerequisite entry in this log:

<PREREQUISITE NAME="CheckHostName" EXTERNALNAME="Is the host name valid?" EXTERNALNAMEID="S_CHECK_HOSTNAME@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes" SEVERITY="Warning">

  <DESCRIPTION TEXT="This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the host name where the installation will be done, is correct or not." TEXTID="S_CHECK_HOSTNAME_DESCRIPTION@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes"/>

  <RULESETREF NAME="HostCheck" RULE="CheckHost" FILE="agent_completeRefhost.xml" RESULTS_FILE="install_rule_results.xml"/>

  <PROBLEM TEXT="The host name specified for the installation or retrieved from the system is incorrect." TEXTID="S_CHECK_HOSTNAME_ERROR@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes"/>

  <RECOMMENDATION TEXT="Make sure your host name should meet required criteria." TEXTID="S_CHECK_HOSTNAME_ACTION@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes"/>

  <RESULT VALUE="Passed" TEXT="Expected result: Fully qualified domain name, for example
Actual Result: Ensure that you provide a fully qualified domain name.
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Passed


An example of a failed prerequisite entry in this log:

<PREREQUISITE NAME="CertifiedVersions_agent" EXTERNALNAME="Is the software certified on the current operating system?" EXTERNALNAMEID="S_CHECK_CERTIFIED_VERSIONS@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes" SEVERITY="Warning">

  <DESCRIPTION TEXT="This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the Oracle software is certified on the current O/S or not." TEXTID="S_CHECK_CERTIFIED_VERSIONS_DESCRIPTION@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes"/>

  <RULESETREF NAME="OSChecks" RULE="CertifiedVersions" FILE="agent_completeRefhost.xml" RESULTS_FILE="install_rule_results.xml"/>

  <PROBLEM TEXT="This Oracle software is not certified on the current O/S." TEXTID="S_CHECK_CERTIFIED_VERSIONS_ERROR@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes"/>

  <RECOMMENDATION TEXT="Make sure you are installing the software on a certified platform." TEXTID="S_CHECK_CERTIFIED_VERSIONS_ACTION@oracle.sysman.install.prereq.resource.PrereqRes"/>

  <RESULT VALUE="Failed <<<<" TEXT="Expected result: One of enterprise-6,oracle-8,oracle-7,SuSE-11,SuSE-12,redhat-6,redhat-7
Actual Result: redhat-5.9
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<