Adding an Oracle Fusion Middleware/WebLogic Domain target to OEM is not that difficult, albeit must be done manually.

Simply navigate to the gear icon, then Add Target > Add Targets Manually. Click on Add Using Guided Process.

Now select Oracle Fusion Middleware/WebLogic Domain then click Add.

Enter the AdminServer host, port, username, and password. Make note of the following:

  • If your AdminServer port is SSL, then under JMX Protocol select t3s.
  • Consider creating a weblogic account specific to the OEM Agent, only granting it the Operator group (e.g., in this screenshot this account is referred to as 'oemagent').

By having a separate account used for monitoring, any changes to the primary 'weblogic' password won't break the monitoring. Furthermore, this 'oemagent' account does not require elevated privileges, thus improving security.

Once added, you're good to go!

By default, new targets have auto discovery enabled once a day. Navigate to the gear icon, then Target > Configure Auto Discovery.

Here you can see that 6 new targets were auto discovered. Auto discovered targets are not automatically added so you must do so manually. It's probably a good habit of reviewing this page if new software or code is deployed to this host so that you can add it.

Click on the "6".

The Agent is smart enough to identify other software installed on the host, even if it's not used. You can either Promote it (i.e., add it as a monitored target) or Delete it and forever be forgotten.

Once again, the only time you really need to add auto discovered targets is if there have been software or code changes on your host.