On Oracle SOA Suite, when we tried to create an error notification rule to alert on failed ESS scheduled jobs, we experienced an issue where the dropdown was not showing any schedules. Unfortunately, the solution to apply patch 26088894 does not work.

Patch 26088894

Patch 26088894 is a zero downtime ESS patch and applicable for Oracle SOA Suite versions 12.1.3, 12.2.1,, and

It addresses the issue of the Adapter Schedule generating a Null Error on the GUI, which may appear to be the issue we experienced, but it is not.

Problem: Error Notification Rule Issue

  1. Log in to the EM Console
  2. Navigate to Scheduling Services > Job Request > Define Schedules
  3. Create a schedule called "Ahmed_Job_10Minutes"
  4. Navigate to SOA > soa-infra (soa_server1) > SOA Infrastructure > Error Notification Rules
  5. Click on Create

When trying to create an error notification rule, you can see that the Schedule dropdown box is empty, preventing us from being able to create a rule.

Solution: Define the Proper Schedule Package

When creating the job schedule, it must be in the package /oracle/apps/ess/custom/soa. See screenshot below. That's it!

Only schedules in package /oracle/apps/ess/custom/soa of application EssNativeHostingApp can be used for creating error notification rules.