Back in Java 7 days, when your WebLogic domain runs like a snail on a sunny meadow, you knew that you forgot to fix your random source. It is not quite a safe solution, plus it doesn't work for Java 8.

One of the recent installations quite annoyed me with 15 minutes of startups, so I have decided to google around and see if there are other solutions, with no security compromise. JDK uses /dev/random or /dev/urandom to fetch random values for secure sessions, temporary keys, and who knows what else. Now, if the system writes are low, the generator's random number pool is shallow and holds back all domain activities.

The right question always contains the answer, so to improve performance, you should keep random number pools loaded, and Linux has just the service for that. With the commands below, I busted domain performance at least tenfold.

sudo yum install random-tools
sudo systemctl enable rngd 
sudo systemctl start rngd

 Enjoy your secure and yet fast environment.