My Git Cheat Sheet

# Clone from remote repo

ssh-keygen -t rsa

# Then copy this SSH key to GitLab

git clone

# Identify yourself as author

git config --global "ahmed"

git config --global

git config --global --list

# Statuses

git status

git log

git remote -v

# Add to local repo

git add apps

git add apps_12_2

git add bpm

git add ci

git add conf

git add docs

git add play

git add utils

git commit -m "First time commit of SOA/OSB folder apps from SVN"

# Add to remote repo

git push

# Delete unneeded SVN directories from local repo and push to remote

rm -r -f apps/.svn

rm -r -f apps_12_2/.svn

rm -r -f bpm/.svn

rm -r -f ci/.svn

rm -r -f conf/.svn

rm -r -f docs/.svn

rm -r -f play/.svn

rm -r -f utils/.svn

git rm -r -f apps/.svn

git rm -r -f apps_12_2/.svn

git rm -r -f bpm/.svn

git rm -r -f ci/.svn

git rm -r -f conf/.svn

git rm -r -f docs/.svn

git rm -r -f play/.svn

git rm -r -f utils/.svn

git commit -m "Removed .svn folders"

git push