Apparently I've run into an issue with Oracle JDeveloper when using the Native Format Builder against a JSON file. Other online posts point to Oracle Doc ID 2628833.1 which tell you to apply patch 30482761 to solve this problem. This did not work.

In this post, I walk through what I did to resolve this.

My JDeveloper version

I am running Oracle JDeveloper for Microsoft Windows (Build JDEVADF_PT.

Error encountered using the Native Format Builder

  1. Create a SOA project.
  2. Create a REST adapter and select the option Reference will be invoked by components using WSDL interfaces.
  3. After creating an operation, click on the icon to "Define Schema for Native Format". This starts the Native Format Builder.
  4. Select JSON Interchange Format.
  5. Upload a file (e.g., pg.json).
  6. Click on Next.

This is the error that pops up:

Error creating stream factory:

And here is a screenshot of the error:

The Solution

You need to apply both patches 30482761 and 32363659 to JDeveloper.

set ORACLE_HOME=c:\JDeveloper\Oracle_Home
set JAVA_HOME=c:\Progra~2\Java\jdk1.8.0_241
opatch lsinventory
unzip c:\
cd 30482761
..\opatch.bat apply
cd ..
unzip c:\
cd 32363659
..\opatch.bat apply
cd ..
opatch lsinventory