Changing the WebLogic password on OEM Agents

This post describes the steps needing to be done on the OEM Agent if the WebLogic password used to connect has been changed. It needs only be changed once per domain. This same set of instructions can be used if you decide to use an alternate WebLogic account as well.

It is recommended not to use the weblogic account when adding the WebLogic target to Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control.

Instead, it is preferred to create a separate WebLogic account, for example oemagent, and assign that user both the Operators and Monitors group. The OEM Agent does not require elevated administrator privileges, and when a problem occurs, having the separate account makes troubleshooting easier.

Changing the WebLogic Username and/or Password on the OEM Agent

  1. Log in to the WebLogic Admin Console for the domain.
  2. Change the password for the oemagent account (or weblogic if you happen to use that).
  3. Log in to the unix host of the OMS server, and run the following commands:
export OMS_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/OEM13c/oms

cd $OMS_HOME/bin
./emctl login -username=sysman
./emctl modify_target -name="/soa_prod_soa_domain/soa_domain" -type="weblogic_domain" -credentials="Username:oemagent;password:welcome1" -on_agent

Here, the target name should reflect the actual target name you find in the OMS Console (e.g., /soa_prod_soa_domain/soa_domain), the username should be the weblogic user that the OEM Agent is connecting to.