Among other services, Oracle Corporation offers Container Registry, a large set of containerized Oracle products and open-source solutions, among other services. Unfortunately, this product is not the most user-friendly, and instructions on third-party sites do not improve the situation.

The Azure Weblogic for AKS input form. The input fields suggest you supply Orale SSO account credentials, but it does not work. Plus, the warnings in bold recommend you accept the terms, yet another puzzle to solve.

WebLogic on Azure Kubernetes form

Here is what you should do to access Oracle Container Registry Images.

  1. Open Oracle Container Registry URL
  2. Click on the "Sign In" link in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Use your Oracle Single Sign-On credentials to access the system. If you have multiple accounts, use the one with active support for the requested products.
  4. Find the product you are planning to use. The fastest way to find anything is using the search bar.
  5. Open the product page and check license status. if product offered under open source or free product you will see the note on the right side. For paid products you should accept usage terms. Screenshot demonstrates a page for Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure images, with no accepted usage terms.
  6. If you plan using this product - select the language you are comfortable with and click on Continue button. If you have accepted usage terms already, this tile displays agreement acceptance confirmation.
That Accept Terms Dialog for Licensed product

It sounds boring a tiersome, but it's not the end of the road. Now you need an access token. Despite the Azure resource configuration wording you need not a password but access token.

  1. Locate your Oracle Single Sign On email next to the user icon at the top left part of the screen.
  2. Click on the email address to open drop down menu and select Auth token
  3. Most likely, you have not token so page will show you Generate Secret Key button.
  4. Copy and store the key somewhere safe, since it's the only time you have access to the key value.
  5. If you see Delete Secret Key button, it means that you already have the key. If you couldn't find it - delete the secret key and plsy from the top.
Be careful, with the step #5, especially if you have CD pipeline using Oracle Registry resources.

Now, when the use terms are accepted and we have an authentication token, we could go back to our WebLogic configuration form and complete the registry part. For the Single sign On username enter the same email you have used to access Oracle Container Registry. Provide security token instead of your original Single Sign-On password.

The last puzzle to solve, which image to use. If your Oracle account has access to Oracle Support with the valid support idntificator select patched images. In this case, your container would contain a product with the latest security patches. Otherwise, use general product image.

Now you are ready to continue your deployments.