When I log in to the OCI console, the region on the top bar is always defaulting to "US West (Phoenix)". We have no resources in that region.

In fact, as shown in the screenshot below, when I click on "Manage region", it is showing US East (Ashburn) as the home region.

As with many companies, Oracle Support is rolling out low quality versions of their AI-enabled support chat, "Powered by OCI Generative AI" apparently as you can see in the screenshot.

I was mildly impressed that I got a response to my simple question. That was until I realized that steps 1-3 were flat out wrong, and step 5 is non-existent.

Though this was my one and only experience with the Oracle Support Chat powered by OCI Generative AI, it was far behind OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot Pro in terms of first response accuracy.