An Oracle SOA Suite 12c composite was consuming files via inbound polling on the FTP Adapter.

The file size was larger than 10MB and we got a Payload Size Exceeds Threshold. The payload data size: "" exceeds the configured payload threshold size: "":

Option #1: Update the binding in the SOA composite

One option is to update the binding in composite.xml and redeploy the composite:

<binding.jca config="myFtp.jca">
  <property name="payloadSizeThreshold" type="xs:string" many="false" override="may">20000000</property>

Option #2: Update the Reference Configuration domain

Now, starting with Oracle SOA Suite, your SOA domain would have been created as either a Reference Configuration domain or a Classic domain.

The Oracle Documentation states that "A Reference Configuration domain provides tuned parameters out-of-the-box for newly created SOA projects. Tuned parameters include but are not limited to: ... Product-Specific: SOA, Service Bus, Adapters - Work Manager configuration, payload size restriction, and more."

Update $MW_HOME/soa/common/bin/ and increase this value:


The is called by Restart the domain and you should be good.

Check out Oracle Doc ID 2736500.1 as well.